News from the Trattlerhof in Bad Kleinkirchheim and the Forstnig family hotel team.
Autumn is set to arrive in Carinthia – a time of great natural beauty, many interesting events,
and delicious seasonal smells from the hotel kitchen. Talking of which – have you ever tried chervil?
Let head chef Franz Mlakar tell you more about this versatile herb.

Majestic mountains – an undulating sea of gold – that’s autumn in Bad Kleinkirchheim
The luminous beauty of unspoilt nature
In the autumn, the larch trees cast a golden hue over the Nockberge mountains of Bad Kleinkirchheim. The autumnal glory that nature paints in this beautiful landscape is unique in the world, and it is impossible to remain unmoved by this splendid display. It is a feast for the eyes that is best experienced on foot, on a bicycle, or on the back of one of our horses.
Bad Kleinkirchheim and the Trattlerhof hotel will be honoured to accompany you through this magical time of year.

Right at the centre of this glorious show lies our charming, comfortable 4-star hotel with its gentle blend of the traditional and the modern.
Step right into the famous Alpine way of life and experience the miracle
of the “Golden Autumn”.

Take the opportunity to explore the irresistible joie de vivre of this beautiful stretch of land with our numerous special events and activities: » Current special offers

From cars to cows – the Alps have something for everyone
Bad Kleinkirchheim awaits you with a colourful autumn bouquet of fun activities that caters for all tastes.
In September, for instance, we will be celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Austrian Alpine Rally.

For centuries, the return of the livestock from the summer pastures high up in the Alps has been one of the most important dates in the farming year. In Bad Kleinkirchheim, the traditional “Almabtrieb” will take place on Saturday, 11 September 2010.

» Bad Kleinkirchheim event highlights

The proof is in the eating
The name Trattlerhof stands for traditional Carinthian cuisine at its best.
Alpine cuisine comes in many shapes and forms – whether traditional or modern, what has remained constant throughout is the art of simplicity, the cornerstone of the “nouvelle alpin”. Carinthia is famous for its hospitality, and this is the secret ingredient without which no meal here would be complete. The Trattlerhof’s history has always been closely linked with the “Einkehr” restaurant, which remains an important social and culinary element of the Trattlerhof holiday realm. The pleasantly quaint Einkehr is situated just a few minutes’ walk away from the hotel, though picturesque scenery and along a clear-running stream.

The most important ingredient in our kitchen is the love of what we do. Our seasonal delicacies are prepared by our head chef and cheese sommelier Franz Mlakar, who started his career as a junior cook in our very hotel. Having celebrated many successes on the international stage, he has now returned home – to the Trattlerhof. After all, there is nothing quite like the taste of home…

» Click this link for a recipe for seasonal strudel with potatoes and chanterelle mushrooms and a cold chervil sauce.
A seasonal treat just for you… take the opportunity to take a peek at
Franz Mlakar’s trade secrets.

Chervil should really be a part of every herb garden. It is tender and should be used when fresh in order to preserve its robust flavour and green colour on the plate. Chervil is a fragrant annual herb that ideally complements sauces, fish and meat dishes and adds a piquant note to savoury omelettes, curd and yogurt mixtures as well as raw food salads.

At first glance, it is easy to mistake chervil for parsley – but if you look more closely, the difference becomes obvious: chervil has daintier, more feathery leaves. This fragrant herb can grow up to 60cm high and its flavour is reminiscent of aniseed and fennel. If you like dishes flavoured with those herbs, chances are that you’ll like chervil, too.

Chervil was used for seasoning dishes even back in the ancient world and was also ascribed medicinal properties. Allegedly, the herb was successfully used to treat fatigue, circulatory problems, jaundice, lack of appetite and bladder problems.

Chervil helps cleanse the blood, stimulates the metabolism and is a diuretic. An infusion can easily be prepared using the leaves of the plant.

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