Covid policy and hygiene precautions

We strictly comply with the published guidelines for the restaurant and accommodation industry ( in order to prevent any risk of infection to the greatest extent possible. We ask for your cooperation and personal responsibility so you can safely enjoy your holiday.

NEW: the travel insurance we offer from Europäischen Reiseversicherung now also covers cutting a trip short or cancelling in advance due to the infection of a guest with COVID-19. For more information, click here (link to information provided by the Europäische Reiseversicherung). Please note that COVID-19 infection by a guest is not a reason for a cost-free cancellation as it can be insured!

Requirements by the Austrian government for travelling in summer 2021: We will continuously update the current measures and provisions taken by the Austrian government for a safe hotel or chalet holiday.

Need to prove low infection risk at arrival!

Please kindly provide one of the follwing proofs upon arrival: tested, past infection or vaccinated (for persons older than 12 years)

  • tested: negative Corona-Test (PCR Test not older than 72 hours, Anti-Gen Test by an offical center not older than 24 hours, digitaler Anti-Gen-Self test not older than 24 hours)
  • past infection: medical certificate confirming a past corona infection (not longer than 6 months ago), official stay-at-home order due to infection (not longer than 6 months ago), proof of neutralizing anti-bodies (not older than 3 months) 
  • vaccinated: proof of fullvaccination (2 vaccinations with Biontech/Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Moderna valid from the day of the second vaccination; 1 vaccination with Johnson&Johnson - valid 22 days after the vaccination) -  (vaccination certifiate or card) 

NEW: Starting from 15th September 2021 a 3-step-programme will be in place:

Step 1: starting on 15th September: 
•    Antigen-Tests sind nur mehr 24 Stunden ab Testabnahme gültig.
•    Verpflichtendes Tragen einer FFP2-Masken in Geschäften des täglichen Bedarfs, öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel, Apotheken und Banken
•    Das Tragen einer FFP2-Maske im Handel wird für ungeimpfte Personen zur Verpflichtung und für geimpfte Personen empfohlen

Step 2: if more than 300 ICU beds are occupied in Austrian hospitals: 
•    Anti-Gen self-tests are no longer valid 
•    In der Nachtgastronomie haben nur mehr geimpfte und/oder genesene Personen Zutritt (2-G-Regel)

Step 3: if more than 400 ICU beds are occupied in Austrian hospitals:
•    only vaccinated persons or persons with a proof of neutralizing anti-bodies due to a past infection have access to areas where currently a test requirement is in place ("3-G-requirement")
•    (this is also valid for hotels and restaurants)

Local tests:

  • in case your arrival test loses its validity during your stay, you have the possibility to repeat the test (anti-gen test) at our local test center in Bad Kleinkirchheim free of charge. Please register online via the website Open daily from 9-12 am, registration is also possible for foreign guests.
  • Via the following website you have the possibility to do a digital self-test with certificate (valid 24 hours and valid also for external facilities):  - Please bring your own self-test.
  • On an exceptional basis, it is possible to carry out a supervised self-test at the hotel location. The test result is only valid for hotel facilities and cannot be used outside the hotel for external facilities.

What you can do to protect your health.

Please kindly note that for travellers coming from high incidence countries to Austria, the Austrian government has issues a travel warning. Please kindly ensure to inform yourself about the current rules for your country of destination, as you would be required to show a negative COVID-19 test and might have to go into quarantine when crossing the border into Austria. Link to list of countries with COVID-19 travel warning by the Austrian ministry of Foreign Affairs (currently only available in German). For all other countries, a negative test, a certificat of past infection or vaccination certificate needs to be carried along when crossing the border. If you do not carry a negative test with you a Pre-Travel-Clearance Form has to be filled out 72 hours prior to arrival: LINK (English) and the test has to be done within 24 hours after crossing border.

In case you require a COVID-19 test when coming back from your holidays or for crossing the border into your home country, we can support you in obtaining such a test with our local doctors or at our local test centre in Bad Kleinkirchheim (PCR test results within approx. 24 hours - at own costs, rapid antigen test results within 15 minutes - free of charge)

We also ask that you refrain from travelling to our hotel if ill! When coughing or sneezing, please do so into your elbow or a tissue. If you notice symptoms of illnessn during your stay, please contact our reception desk so that we can contact the relevant bodies and determine which steps need to be taken.

From 1 July 2021 the wearing of masks in hotels and restaurants is no longer necessary if you have valid proof of vaccination, a valid negative test or proof of past infection. In case your test loses its validity, please keep in mind to repeat it during your stay (self-test or at the local test center) and show the result to our receptionist.  

The most important step to protect yourself in the future is still:

By frequently washing your hands, you can prevent infection. We have set up additional hand disinfectant dispensers throughout the hotel. 

What we do to guarantee your safety:

As part of a tourism-wide initiative all employees undergo a weekly COVID-19 test (PCR-test).

By cleaning in accordance with the highest standards, regularly disinfecting surfaces, and airing out indoor rooms, we help to keep your holiday environment clean.

During check-in and check-out, our employees at the reception desk will welcome you from behind a Plexiglas barrier and provide you with a disinfected room key. 

During your visit, your room will be cleaned in accordance with the highest standards. we also disinfect high-risk surfaces. After the departure of every guest, all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected in order to guarantee the safety of the next guests. Hotel laundry is washed at a minimum of 60 degrees in our own washing facility!

In the wellness area, swimming pool and massage rooms we keep highest hygiene standard and desinfect on a regular basis.

Fitness room – Please disinfect the equipment after every use. We air out the room regularly. For easier planning, we have provided a schedule in front of the fitness room so you can write down the time you wish to use it.

Kids Paradise – children younger than 9 years may only visit the Kids Paradise when accompanied by their parents. Please disinfect your children's hands before using the room. We disinfect the room and toys once daily. 

If there is a suspected case of COVID 19 at the hotel, we will follow official instructions in consultation with our local doctor.

Please inform the team at the reception desk if you feel unwell or ill and have symptoms of fever, a cough, or difficulty breathing. Our team at the reception desk is trained and can help you.
Generally, the person who is ill and their family members must remain in their room until the doctor has arrived or given further instructions.
We will contact our hotel doctor promptly who will then perform an exam on location or provide an initial medical opinion.

Subject to change – version dated 8 September 2021!

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