Covid policy and hygiene precautions

We strictly comply with the published guidelines for the restaurant and accommodation industry ( in order to prevent any risk of infection to the greatest extent possible. We ask for your cooperation and personal responsibility so you can safely enjoy your holiday.

NEW: the travel insurance we offer from Europäischen Reiseversicherung now also covers cutting a trip short or cancelling in advance due to the infection of a guest with COVID-19. For more information, click here (link to information provided by the Europäische Reiseversicherung). Please note that COVID-19 infection by a guest is not a reason for a cost-free cancellation as it can be insured!

Winter 2020/2021: Safe skiing

Our local lift operator has prepared detailled security and hygiene measures for skiing and the use of ski lifts. Please follow the link to find the current information on the COVID-19 measures or our ski lift operator: LINK

most important measures: please use a mouth-nose-protection when queuing at the lift station or using a ski lift. Please adhere to the 1-meter-distance rule. A hand-desinfection is available at the lift stations, all cabins are aired and desinfected regularily. Please use the possibility to pre-order your ski-passes online or pick them up at partner hotels like the hotel Trattlerhof.

Contactless and safe skiing: you can obtain skipasses for skiers older than 6 years at our hotel in order to avoid queuing ar the vending stations. Book your ski course online in advance (f.e. with Intersport and ski school Krainer). Our local ski schools has prepared a security concept with smaller groups (maximum of 10 people) etc.. Please find the link here: Link

What you can do to protect your health.

Please kindly note that for travellers coming from over 30 countries to Austria, the Austrian government has issues a travel warning. Please kindly ensure to inform yourself about the current rules for your country of destination, as you would be required to show a negative COVID-19 test when crossing the border into Austria. Link to list of countries with COVID-19 travel warning by the Austrian ministry of Foreign Affairs (currently only available in German).

In case you require a COVID-19 test when coming back from your holidays or for crossing the border into your home country, we can support you in obtaining such a test with our local doctors (results within approx. 24 hours, at own costs)

Since 21 September 2020, the wearing of masks in all general hotel areas and in the restaurant (not required when seated at the table) is again required by law; we kindly ask for your cooperation to wear a mouth-nose-protection!

The most important step to protect yourself in the future is still:
Please maintain physical distance to other guests: 1 metre or the famous baby elephant. This distance must also be maintained to other guests during check-in, in the hallway leading to the restaurant, or in our wellness area, etc. Please refrain from sharing the lifts with guests staying in other rooms. We have set up the tables and common areas so that proper physical distance can be kept for everyone's safety. A maximum of 6 adults and 6 children per table is allowed and drinks and food can be consumed seated only.

By frequently washing your hands, you can prevent infection. We have set up additional hand disinfectant dispensers in the hotel's entrance area, in the restaurant area, by the buffet, and in many other locations.

We also ask that you refrain from travelling to our hotel if ill! When coughing or sneezing, please do so into your elbow or a tissue. If you notice symptoms of illness, please contact our reception desk so that we can contact the relevant bodies and determine which steps need to be taken.

What we do to guarantee your safety:

Our employees wear face masks - already since start of the summer season 2020 – in all public indoor areas and particularly when in contact with you.

As part of a tourism-wide initiative all employees underwent a COVID-19 test (PCR-test) and are COVID-negative. This test is repeated on a weekly basis.

We also keep a distance of 1 meter between ourselves and you while also refraining from physical contact such as shaking hands.

By cleaning in accordance with the highest standards, regularly disinfecting surfaces, and airing out indoor rooms, we help to keep your holiday environment clean.

During check-in and check-out, our employees at the reception desk will welcome you from behind a Plexiglas barrier and provide you with a disinfected room key. Your personal guest map will be disinfected after every guest and you will be provided with all information regarding the health and safety measures in place at the hotel. Whilst waiting at the reception desk, please keep physical distance of at least one metre to others. 

In the restaurant tables have been set up so as to ensure that a safe distance of one metre can be maintained between persons. A maximum of 6 adults and 6 children is allowed per table. Food and drinks can be served only when seated at a table.

As in the past, we are happy to offer you a breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, and evening buffet. Please disinfect your hands before serving yourself from the buffet and wear a face-mask. We have set up disinfectant dispensers by the buffet for this purpose. At the buffet, please remember to keep minimum physical distance of one metre. If you would prefer to avoid the buffet, we are also happy to bring your meal of choice to your table. Our drink menus are laminated and disinfected after every use. The salt and pepper shakers on the table are disinfected after every guest. Armrests and tabletops are disinfected after every guest.

During your visit, your room will be cleaned in accordance with the highest standards. Our employees wear a face mask every time they are in contact with guests and gloves when entering your room; they also disinfect high-risk surfaces. After the departure of every guest, all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected in order to guarantee the safety of the next guests. We are happy to restock your minibar upon request. Hotel laundry is washed at a minimum of 60 degrees in our own washing facility!

As in the past, you are also free to book a massage or cosmetic treatment! Our employees wear a Plexiglas visor or face mask and, if you wish, gloves as well. After every treatment, all surfaces will be disinfected.

We ask that, throughout the entire wellness and pool area, you keep physical distance of at least 1 metre to guests from other rooms and regularly wash or disinfect your hands. Your wellness towels will be provided in your room and/or, if you wish, at the reception desk. A disinfectant dispenser is provided at the entrance to the pool area. 

The finish saunas, organic stone pine sauna, and steam baths are in operation – in accordance with current requirements, only guests from the same room or the same group of guests may be present in the cabins at the same time. For the time being, we kindly ask that you refrain from using infusions in order to keep the humidity in the sauna as low as possible and also that you use the cleaners provided to clean the sitting areas before using them.

Our infra-red cabins are in operation – please disinfect them before and after use and do not use them together with guests from other rooms.

Fitness room – at the moment, the fitness room may only be used by one guest at a time or by guests staying in the same room. Please disinfect the equipment after every use. We air out the room regularly. You are free to use the room as soon as the guest before you has left it. For easier planning, we have provided a schedule in front of the fitness room so you can write down the time you wish to use it.

Kids Paradise – children may only visit the Kids Paradise when accompanied by their parents. Please disinfect your children's hands before using the room. We disinfect the room and toys once daily. 

If there is a suspected case of COVID 19 at the hotel, we will follow official instructions in consultation with our local doctor.

Please inform the team at the reception desk if you feel unwell or ill and have symptoms of fever, a cough, or difficulty breathing. Our team at the reception desk is trained and can help you.
Generally, the person who is ill and their family members must remain in their room until the doctor has arrived or given further instructions.
We will contact our hotel doctor promptly who will then perform an exam on location or provide an initial medical opinion.

Subject to change – version dated 24 October 2020!

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