NEW: EU Ecolabel
We proudly announce that we were awarded with the European Ecolabel (AT/051/004) and successfully completed the recertification of the Austrian Ecolabel. This encourages us to continue with our environmental philosophy and to promote the careful use of our natural resources.

As hoteliers and parents, we attach especially great value to protecting our environment and preserving our natural resources for the next generations. 

It is very important to us to show our guests how much we care about environmental protection in our business. We endeavour to treat nature with care, that for we won the GREEN LEADER AWARD in gold this summer. As a “GenussWirt” we focus on using regional products. We make use of seasonal foods and drinks from the region, as well as organically grown products.

We try to use energy and water efficiently and prefer to use renewable energy sources. Thanks to our own power station we are well on the way to becoming self-sufficient in energy using 100% hydropower. Since May 2014 we have switched the whole of our business to bioheat.

By thinking about the products we buy, we try as much as possible to avoid waste and recycle this properly. We consciously use detergents and cleaning materials economically so as to reduce water pollution.

Our employees are able to regularly attend training courses and make an active contribution to the structure of our environmental programme.

We also enable our guests to get actively involved in implementing our environmental programme: we give them an environment bonus of € 3 a day, credited to their room bill, for every day on which they do without having their room cleaned.

We make eBikes and a Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive available to guests, so that direct CO2 emissions and particulate matter can be avoided. Naturally our five electric charging points at the chalet restaurant Einkehr (Maibrunn valley station) and right next to the Hotel Trattlerhof are supplied with clean energy from our in-house small hydropower plant. We are happy to tell guests more about our ideas for protecting the environment during a guided tour of our power plant.

So that we can communicate our environment performance even more strongly to the outside world, we constantly endeavour to meet the requirements of the Austrian Ecolabel for tourist establishments.










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Guests at the Trattlerhof and people who are interested can borrow our eBikes and our in-house Mercedes A-Class E-cell electric car and thus experience the new electromobility trend for themselves.

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