The Trattlerhof is the first and only “Austrian Ecolabel” establishment in the Nockberge Mountains. For this purpose we came up with something special for the summer:

Test our new Tesla Y or our Mercedes A-Class E-cell and our eBikes!

Guests at the Trattlerhof and people who are interested can borrow our eBikes and our in-house electro cars Tesla Y or the Mercedes A-Class E-cell electric car and thus experience the new electromobility trend for themselves. With a range of 500 km and a maximum speed of 250 km an hour, this luxury car is also a treat for your wallet: charging it in full only costs the equivalent of 3 euros! The electricity for our charging points comes from our in-house small hydropower plant.

Tesla rental:
Test drive (1 hour) € 25,-
Half a day (up to 4 hours) € 89,-
Whole day (up to 8 hours) € 149,-

* Not combinable with other packages. - Tesla Model Y without a limit on kilometres | fully comprehensive insurance with EUR 1.000,- deductible | refuelling for free | Minimum age: 24 years | Obligation to return at 10.00 p.m. | We will allocate your driving days - if you have a special wish, we will try to consider it

Or simply charge your own “eTransport” at our charging points at the hotel or the chalet restaurant Einkehr! What’s more, the environmentally-friendly electricity comes from our in-house E-hydropower plant.

Tesla Nockberge-Experience Drive

With the Tesla X100D you can drive CO​neutral through the Nock mountains! Enjoy driving pleasure on a  new level...

from EUR 339,-


The environment and sustainability – As a business with an ecological focus, at the Hotel Trattlerhof we take our responsibility for our environment very seriously and make every endeavour to enable future generations to enjoy a beautiful, unspoiled and healthy environment too.

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