Nock/Spirit - Yoga and meditation


Your selfe are the source of personal well-being and inner balance. Take your time away from commitments and distractions and experience your inner strength and peace.
In various workshops in the new "Forest Wellness relaxing room" or our lens, you can expect a wide range of yoga & meditation for beginners, advanced and professionals.

Autumn awakening and Advent feelings

In October and December you will experience our new program as an introductory package! Participate in individual units or draw from the solid.

12.12. until 15.12.2019: "AWESOME AND SLOW DOWN IN CHRISTMAS TIME"

12.12., THURSDAY - Day 1

8.30 am Yoga - Yin Yoga sequence for the inner balance
With conscious breathing we deepen the respiratory volume. Deliberately slow-moving asanas reduce the speed of thought and calm your mind.
Trainer: Tina Olschowka

5.00 pm Sound relaxation evening with "Snowflake Meditation" followed by energetic painting
Take a break with harmonic sound instruments like singing bowls, monochord, kalimba, koshi, fairy gong and isca. And immerse yourself in a relaxed meditation.
Trainer: Pamela Magnes

13.12., FRIDAY - Day 2

8.30 am Cozy awakening
We start the day carefully and consciously feel our body and take was how we are.
Trainer: Romana Hauptmann

11.00 am Outdoor - We discover the 7 secrets of the turtle
In this meditation walk, we dive into the decelerated world of Turtle and find the security in ourselves.
Trainer: Romana Hauptmann

17.00 clock sense meditation with fragrances
In this meditation, you will be abducted to the realm of fragrances and will experience theirs
relaxing effect. Body-oriented mindfulness exercises let you consciously feel the body again. Then you get the opportunity your to put experiences on paper creatively.
Trainer: Helena Hojer

14.12., SATURDAY - Day 3

8:30 am Yoga - Inner balance
Start the day with yoga and breathing exercises for more inner peace, balance and relaxation.
Trainer: Barbara Lax

17.00 clock sound meditation
Gentle breathing exercises show you the way to a deep relaxation. Then you can go with different sounds in a relaxing meditation.
Trainer: Manuela Scharner

15.12., SUNDAY - Day 4

8:30 am breath-movement-relaxation
Through breathing, movement and relaxation exercises you learn to reduce stress. You come in a deep peace and inner serenity, at the same time your energy tanks are replenished.
Trainer: Pamela Magnes

Prices for the nock / spirit modules:

Booking of a single unit: € 23, - / person / unit including tea before / after the unit

Booking 1 day nock / spirit "light" (1x morning program): € 39, - / person / morning including tea before / after the sessions, use of the wellness area and afternoon snack

Booking 1 day nock-spirit "intensive" (1 day program): € 69, - / person / day including tea before / after the sessions, use of the wellness area and afternoon snack


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