Trattlerhof goes green

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges for the human race. It causes harm to ecosystems and affects the very foundations of life.

Here at the Trattler, we are taking a responsible approach to those different stresses we place upon the environment. Since 2014, not only is your stay at the Trattlerhof CO2-neutral, as our guest, in contrast to standard hotels, every night you will be saving 58 kg CO2-equivalent emissions (ca. 1,110 tons of CO2 annually). And since we have now calculated our “positive CO2 footprint”, as of 2015 every guest is issued their personal CO2 certificate in recognition of having made their own personal contribution. Use the CO2 calculator to work out precisely how many CO2-equivalent emissions you have saved, or will save during your Trattlerhof stay. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for being kind on our environment – one more milestone in our environmental concept, and yet another reason we display the Austrian Eco Seal with such pride!

The CO2 footprint measures the influence people have on the “greenhouse effect”. Businesses, processes or products are described as “climate neutral” when their calculated unavoidable greenhouse-gas emissions are counterbalanced through the purchase of emission certificates. Thanks to our own hydro power station, we produce more renewable energy, which we can offset against our already minimal CO2 footprint – and thus save even more CO2-equivalent emissions – than we actually consume. This surplus is sufficient to cover the travel of all our guests here and returning home, a major component of CO2 emissions resulting from holidays (Click here for details). 

With us, you have the opportunity to make your travel here and your stay “climate neutral”. Simply enter your numbers into the calculator, calculate the related CO2 emissions, and we will confirm for you the CO2 emissions you have saved by staying with us at the Trattlerhof. When all the data has been entered, you will receive a certificate that confirms you have offset the climate effects of your stay. This project was made possible in cooperation with


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With the aid of our CO2 calculator, you can work out the climate "bottom line" of your stay at the Trattlerhof, including your travel here and returning home, and then request your personal CO2 certificate.

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    The environment and sustainability – As a business with an ecological focus, at the Hotel Trattlerhof we take our responsibility for our environment very seriously and make every endeavour to enable future generations to enjoy a beautiful, unspoiled and healthy environment too.

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