Trattlers Hoftorte

A Hof-cake with long tradition. Since 1642.

Indulgence from our GUTshof kitchen - the secret is not in the recipe, but in the way it is made.


If you want to enjoy the unique taste experience, you have 2 options:


1. Homemade Trattlers Hoftorte: All "hobby pastry chefs" can find our recipe and video instructions here. Have fun trying it out!
2. Order Trattlers Hoftorte: For those who prefer to have the original Hoftorte delivered, you can order your Hoftorte here.

Note: We deliver your Hoftorte via delivery service throughout the EU!

You can choose from 2 sizes:

- Small Hoftorte: 16 cm in diameter for approx. 6 people, sent in a wooden box; cost excluding delivery € 29,00
- Large Hoftorte: 22 cm in diameter for approx. 12 people, sent in a wooden box; cost excluding delivery € 49,00

The shelf life of the farm cake is 15 days (in the refrigerator).

We wish you and your loved ones planty of enjoyment!



Recipe: Trattlers Hoftorte
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