Winemakers on the mountain

In summer too, star winemakers from the best-known wine growing regions in Austria are coming to the Trattlerhof in Bad Kleinkirchheim for a very special “summit meeting”. With our series of “Winemakers on the mountain” events, throughout the winter selected top vineyards such as Wieninger, Kollwentz or Schauer from Austria will form the focus of our culinary gourmet weekends.

On these weekends there is an exquisite programme that will not just appeal to wine lovers. It includes a wine tasting with stories on the subject of wine offered by the winemakers themselves, with the appropriate cuisine forming part of the programme.

Here a tasting menu awaits you comprising Carinthian delicacies and delicious titbits which chef Markus Wimmer, who has been awarded 81 points by the Falstaff Guide, has coordinated with the accompanying wines.

“Wine is an excellent way of connecting good taste with a deeper and spiritual dimension of life. So as well as wine tasting, during “Winemakers on the mountain” we also offer additional programme items that simply do you good”, says Jakob Forstnig about “Winemakers on the mountain”.

Our staff are thus continuing a much-loved tradition whose origin actually goes back centuries, because in 1642 the Jesuits awarded the landlord of the Trattlerhof the right to serve food and drink, a sort of old-style restaurant licence! At that time the landlords served grape juice, which was transported over the alpine passes in casks by pack animal drivers. The Chronicle of the Trattlerhof contains a bill from the 18th century which refers to the delivery of a 150-litre wine cask.

Dates for the summer 2017 you will find here:

12.-13.5.2017 Winery Wieninger, Wien
26.-27.5.2017 Winery Kollwentz, Großhöflein, Burgenland
16.-17.6.2017 6. Charity Wine & Golf Cup Winery Schloss Gobelsburg, Langenlois, NÖ / Winery Kirnbauer, Deutschkreuz, Burgenland
30.6.-1.7.2017 Winery Langmann, St. Stefan/Stainz, Steiermark
14.-15.7.2017 Winery Schloss Gobelsburg, Langenlois, NÖ
15.-16.9.2017 "One time Craft Bier" with Brauunion
22.-23.9.2017 Tour de France with Morandell
6.-7.10.2017 "One time Gin" with Pernod Ricard
27.-28.10.2017 Winery Wellanschitz, Neckenmarkt, Burgenland


Winemakers on the mountain summer 2017